March 27, 2017 A&K Carpet Cleaner Team

Welcome Post

Welcome on A&K Carpet Cleaner Blog,

we just want to say “Thank You” for visiting our page and, as we hope – ordering our service. In our blog we want to share knowledge with you.

A&K Carpet Cleaner – Who are we ?

A&K Carpet Cleaner is a local family company from Telford. We specialize in bringing back to life carpets, rugs, mattresses and car interiors. With us your beloved furniture is going to shine again. Easily, fast and not expensive. We know that this little difference in your daily life will affect you in a way you don’t even expect. Because everyone loves to life in clean and healthy environment.

What are we going to post ?

We believe that our useful tips will make your life at least a little bit easier. We are going to help you with:

  • Upholstery Maintenance
  • Stain Removal – from different materials
  • Car Interior Maintenance
  • Choosing the right cleaning products – as you know it’s not as easy as someone may think.

What else ?

We hope that we will be able to share with you all our experience. This blog is the place, where we are going to prove that we are a carpet cleaning company in Telford, that you can trust.

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